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Discover the best things to do in Lille with our
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© Mathieu Stanić


Head into 2019 with the long-awaited Lille 3000!

Starting on 27 April, Lille will continue its cultural adventure with
this, the 5th great themed event, with its focus firmly on
contemporary creativity.


Remarkably restored, the flamboyant architecture of the old town, Vieux-Lille,
is captivating. Its facades, with their soft yet bold colours,
emphasise the exuberance and profusion of their decoration. Its 17th-century architectural diversity
acts as an incentive to stroll around, and you need to keep
looking up to appreciate the blend of bricks and stone.


The former stock exchange, built between 1652 and 1653 by Julien Destrée, is
undeniably the most beautiful building in the city. Its courtyard is home
to booksellers, and, in summer, there are tango demonstrations there.